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Talent concept


Talent concept:

Shandong ruisan chemical technology co., LTD. Is a place supported by various talents. The value of ruisan is created by employees. Therefore, we regard employees as the most valuable asset of the company, and are willing to absorb the world's excellent and potential talents, and hope that every employee can have a good development in the company.

Respect and caring

Ruisan always respects employees' personality and humanity, respects and satisfies employees' multi-level needs, and CARES about employees' growth and development. Organize regular travel, weekend mountain climbing and other activities to enrich the life of employees. The company provides a complete welfare reward and performance reward system for employees, so that every employee can feel the warmth of the company and realize their own value.

Learning and training

The company has been committed to improving the knowledge and skills of employees, stimulating their creativity and potential, and improving the overall quality of the team. The company has established a scientific and standard training system and management system, and held regular professional seminars, professional skills training meetings and so on. In work, in order to cultivate and train employees, employees are encouraged to participate in management through decentralization and decentralization, so that employees can truly become the "owners" of the company.

Innovation and incentives

The company attaches importance to innovative and thoughtful talents, and firmly believes that innovation is an important winning factor for enterprises to develop rapidly and adapt to changes. The company is not reluctant to reward outstanding and competent employees, so that every sincere effort, every small progress is recognized and rewarded by the company.

Coordination and implementation

"There is no 100% solution, only 100% implementation". The company pays attention to the realization of efficiency and results of work, realizing a high degree of integration between production and marketing, finance and marketing, as well as other management functions, providing a strong guarantee for the organic connection and cooperation of various modules of the enterprise.