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Waterborne epoxy resin

WE-8217 waterborne epoxy resin

Author:Ruisan Time:2019-01-16 13:36:01

WE-8217 resin is a nonionic waterborne epoxy resin based on liquid bisphenol A-type 190 modified epoxy resin, and its solid content is 100%.

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Product advantages:

1. The waterborne paint or adhesive made of WE-8217 has the excellent property that the traditional epoxy resin has, and is friendly to the environment;

2. This resin and multiple water-reducible amine waterborne epoxy curing agents have an excellent compatibility;

3. WE-8217 waterborne epoxy resin has a very low odor, zero VOC and good storage stability;

4. It can be dispersed from water, and the condensate has good gloss, nice appearance and anti-cracking property; can be smeared thickly.

Product index: 




Yellowish transparent liquid

Viscosity, 25℃, mPa.s


Epoxy value, eq/100g


Color, Gardner


Density, g/cm3


Solid content, %




Application area:

a) Waterborne epoxy sealing primer

b) Waterborne epoxy concrete, mortar and putty

c) Waterborne epoxy floor level

d) Waterborne epoxy asphalt

e) High solid content waterborne epoxy coating

f) Waterborne epoxy adhesive, etc.


20KG/plastic barrel, 200KG/metal barrel or IBC

Points for Attention:

1. This product is non-dangerous goods, and the storage and transportation are the same with general chemicals.

2. The storage period is 1 year in a shady and cool, ventilated and dry, sun-free environment.

3. The product shall be used up once, and the remaining products shall be covered tightly in the package, if any.

4. This product moderately stimulates skin and eyes, and shall be washed with soap if being exposed to the skin; if they contact with your eyes, you shall rinse immediately with clean water and seek medical attention.