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Shandong Ruisan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

Company profile:

Shandong ruisan chemical technology co., LTD. Leads the development trend of the industry, fully devotes itself to the development of the environmental protection industry in line with the national requirements for environmental protection, closely follows the international and domestic technological development frontier, and faces the difficulties in the application market.

Mainly engaged in green, environment-friendly and water-based new materials, such as water-based epoxy series, water-based epoxy resin, water-based epoxy curing agent, water-based epoxy zinc-rich primer, solvent-free epoxy series, and the development, production and promotion of special epoxy products.

The company takes technological innovation and scientific and technological talents as the core elements, takes the national key support development project as the direction, and relies on several research institutes to jointly carry out related technical research, technological innovation and application promotion work.

The company is strong in technology and research and development, with 15 doctors, 12 masters and 24 scholars as the main technical backbone. Shandong ruisan chemical technology co., LTD. Is the vice President unit of the plywood committee branch of the China man-made board association, the vice President unit of the college of chemical engineering, linyi university, the drafting unit of national standards, and the participating unit of the national forestry public welfare project.

The company adheres to high standards and strict requirements and passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification in 2016. ISO9001 quality management system certification; GB/ t28001-2001 occupational health management system certification. And has obtained a number of new environmental protection functional materials patents. And there are many new materials and leading technology to be applied for invention patents and international patents (PCT).

Company always adhere to the talent as a fundamental, supported by science and technology, the management idea, to green development as the center, the industry elite, advanced information technology will be at home and abroad with the reality of domestic enterprises, provide enterprises with a full range of solutions, help enterprises to achieve industrial upgrading, make the enterprise always maintain competitive advantage in the fierce market competition.